Commitment to Safety

Our Company is committed to maintaining the highest occupational safety and health standards; there is no phase of operations and administration that is of greater importance. This is both a moral obligation and a sound business practice. We place the responsibility for workplace safety and health at all levels of management and on each employee. To accomplish this goal it is necessary to provide leadership and support in order to develop and maintain:

• A company Safety and Health focus designed to prevent human suffering, pain, and economic loss from workplace accidents, injuries, or property damage;

• A company commitment to provide insofar as possible a workplace free from recognized hazards by adherence to federal, state, and local safety and health regulations and standard industry safe work practices;

• A company work force aware of the workplace hazards that confront them, and aware of their safety responsibility to themselves, their fellow workers, and to the Company; and

• A company attitude to encourage the incorporation of safety and health awareness at each of its work operations and to ensure the security, protection, and well-being of personnel and property at all our work sites.

The success of Aulson’s Safety and Health Program requires the combined efforts of management, supervision, and employees. We want our operations to be among the safest in our industry. Achieved only when every person contributes to this team effort.

Employee Training

Employees, including site supervisors and workers, are trained on topics applicable to job-site exposures and job responsibilities. Technical training and additional safety and health training are delivered on an as-needed basis and per job-site requirements. Training is conducted by in-house training staff, trade organizations, manufacturer’s representatives, or the employee’s union. These training include but are not limited to:

• Asbestos

• Silica

• PCB Awareness

• Competent Person

• Emergency Procedures

• Employee Responsibilities Regarding Health & Safety

• Equipment Training

• Fire Extinguishers

• Fire Prevention/Safety

• First Aid/CPR

• Hazard Communication


• Incident Reporting and Investigation

• Ladders/Scaffolding/Fall Protection

• Lead Awareness (29 CFR 1926.62)

• OSHA 10/30 Hour Construction Outreach Training

• Personal Protective Equipment

• Quality Control

• Regulatory Requirements

• Removal and Application Processes

Daily or weekly “tailgate” safety meetings are conducted by the site supervisor or Aulson safety staff to ensure ongoing commitment to a safe workplace.